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School Place Planning

The School Place Planning document provides a position statement on the current arrangements for education provision in Shropshire, identifies the planning areas in which there are forecast pressures on school places in the foreseeable future, and initiates engagement with education stakeholders across all schools but in particular those in areas where there is expected pressures on school places.  Click on the link below to access the full document.

School Place Planning Document

The document is supported with separate appendices for each of the 16 school place planning areas, which follow the secondary catchment areas and include the primary schools that are located within the catchment area and are considered linked primary schools.  These appendices provide area level data including: current admission numbers, net capacity and numbers on roll (as at October 2015), and forecast numbers through to 2019/20 for primary schools and 2022/23 for secondary schools.

You can access the individual appendix for your own school place planning area by clicking on the relevant link below.

Meetings have recently taken place in 5 school place planning areas where there is forecast pressure of pupil places during the current Plan Period ie. through to 2026.  You can access the presentations from each of these meetings by clicking on the relevant link below.