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Although e-safety appears in the Computing National Curriculum it is the responsibility of all staff to ensure that pupils use technology safely and responsibly.

A school's e-safety curriculum should be differentiated with appropriate resources used in each year group.  Annual assemblies on e-safety are simply not enough.  A good starting point is to look at Childnet and Thinkuknow resources.  

Self review
E-safety is much more that lesson resources and schools need to review their practices.  One of the best self review tools is the 360 degree safe tool that has been developed by SWGfL. There is also a pdf version of the framework.  

Schools should all have an esafety policy.  Shropshire Council have developed a model policy for schools to adapt. The model policy can be found below. 

Supporting staff
Staff should be aware of two key documents: Cyberbullying - supporting school staff and guidance for safer working practice.

Shropshire's Safeguarding Children Board has its own website.