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Support for Unit4 ERP

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General Functionality in the ERP

Here you can find some assistance in basic navigation of Unit4 ERP

Navigating the ERP

Tour of the ERP Home Employee Dashboard 


Here you can find some "how to" videos on Purchasing in the ERP:

Finding a Supplier by Name in a Purchase Request

Checking a Supplier Exists in the ERP (and checking email addresses)

Adding a New Supplier in the ERP

Checking a Supplier's Email Address in the ERP

Find a Supplier by Bank Details

How to raise a Requisition

Goods Receipting in the ERP

Call Off Orders

For guidance and support:

If you have a query regarding not being able to access the system please email with the following information:

If you have a Finance query please email one of the below:

If you have a Payroll query:

If you have a HR query:

If you have a training or guidance related query please email the ERP Training Officer on 

If you have a system related query please email the system admin team: or call 01743 253030



ERP helpsheets and forms

ERP helpsheets and forms

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Information about how to access training for the ERP

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