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ERP Newsflash - Purchase and Sales Orders

Purchase orders and sales invoices

If you raised a requisition yesterday or Monday which has been approved but you haven't received the PO by email (if you requested it come to you), you can optain a copy.

First you need to get find the order number in the Own Requisition Enquiry.

Then you can go to Procurement>Purchase Orders>Purchase Order.

Next if you click the Open Button at the bottom of the screen then you should see your orders appear that you can select from.

Once selected the Purchase Order screen will appear and you can click on the Paperclip icon in the top right hand side. If you then select the copy purchase order on the left hand side you will either see you Purchase Order appear in the middle of the screen in its entirety or as a pdf icon. If it appears as a pdf icon you can right click and then click ‘Save Local Copy’ and will be able to view it.