Warp It - Reuse furniture scheme and Net-Zero resources


We would like to bring your attention to Warp It, an online tool to assist schools with re-using equipment, furniture and avoid good stuff being skipped. The portal allows you to claim and exchange items you wish with public sector; 3rd sector and business partners. Schools and academy trusts may register and login for free:-
Shropshire Climate Action - Resources
o Schools and colleges sign up here
o Charities sign up here
o Further information for not-for-profits
o Business partners sign up here

Information and how to use the Warp It platform:-
o Short videos on how to list and claim items
o Warp It resources – templates and downloads
Don’t waste it, Warp It! info@getwarpit.com .

Climate Challenge
We invite you to join the Climate Challenge to make 5% savings in energy and your carbon footprint annually up to 2030 and beyond. Managing the energy plays a vital role in contributing towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions whilst reducing costs.
Given the ongoing energy and climate crisis, we have updated our Climate Action site:-

o Carbon reporting tools
o Climate dashboard
o Climate directory
o Energy and heating advice
o Sector based guidance
o Resources : recycling , reuse and water efficiency
o Use Cleaner Use Less initiative.

Top 5 things to address :-
1. Heating controls (thermostats and TRVs) – default to 18C.
2. Heating and hot water schedule (match operational hours).
3. External windows and doors (keep closed with draft exclusion).
4. Lighting (use LEDs and switch off after use).
5. ICT and other electrical equipment (switch off after use).

If you are not already with West Mercia Energy, we recommend you consider switching. Your local utilities provider demonstrates proven long-term value for money for the public sector and provides a free carbon reporting service, along with several other benefits.
For more information you may contact customerservices@westmerciaenergy.co.uk
Managing the energy used in your school plays a vital role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We estimate Shropshire’s schools are responsible for over 6,000 tCO2e.

You may be aware of the Eco schools and Let’s go zero programmes you can join for free to assist your pathway to zero carbon. A Heat Decarbonisation Plan (HDP) will help you apply for national funding: PSDS (Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme):-
Salix HDP guidance
PSDS Phase 3
Low carbon skills fund

Our Climate Pack is provided on the Schools Learning Gateway, including:
Marches Partner Herefordshire school’s efficiency guidance
Lightfoot Energy Diaries for schools

The Energy Diary is a teaching activity for school children to discover what energy is used at home that helps busy families to cut down their energy use and save money. In addition, this energy toolkit and support to install solar panels are available:-
Energy Sparks
Solar on Schools
Big Solar Coop
Further information about recycling and reuse you may find useful below:
Resources (reduce->reuse->recycle)
Recycling for schools uk.ecoteam@veolia.com
Net-zero workshops (in person and online) will be announced shortly. A great opportunity to share positive news stories as well as the challenges we collectively face.

The Climate Change Task Force. climate@shropshire.gov.uk
Shropshire Climate Action, Shropshire Council.